I can't Feel What I Feel

single channel video
HD, Silent, 5:30 mins
installation site-specific

We always say that pain comes out of impassability. A baffling array of symptoms are due to internal stress. In today's highly developed materialistic society, the psychological and spiritual "ailments" are the natural feedback of the stress caused by endless desires. Through unfolding behavioural process, the work visualizes the "pain" from the heart through the frailty of the body and presents the problems and dilemmas faced by "human being " themselves. It attempts to show that material development and desire expansion are like an endless and bottomless trap, in which human beings are often trapped and unable to extricate themselves.

This short film reflects to the video "Prescription for Life, 2019" in many ways, which is also a work that delves in the concern for human being and the plight of life.

我们常说“痛则不通”,往往莫名的症状来自内心压力。在这个竞争激烈的社会和高度发展的物质世界,来自于心理和精神的“病痛”,是欲望无止尽的自然反馈。 作品通过行为过程的展开,借用了肉体的脆弱,将内心的“病痛”视觉化,探索/ 呈现 “人”自身面对的问题和困境,试图说明物质发展和欲望膨胀犹如一个无止无底的陷井,人类往往被困入其中,无法自拔。这个短片和视频作品“生命处方”有很多关联,也是艺术家对人的关注和有关生命困境的另一个作品。

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