two-channel short film
HD, stereo, composed soundtrack
11’30 mins
全高清, 立体声, 原创配乐
  • In this work, Xing examines the complexity of power struggle and connection between people and the relation of “love”.

  • On one screen are the aged hands of the mother, insistently knitting a dress with love and care, and on the other, the daughter wears the dress as it unravels with her movement. A feeling of liberation is evoked as the daughter’s body slowly becomes exposed but also fragile, and vulnerable. The daughter is trapped in the thread, but she moves forward with an uncontrolled drive. Although the two actions are separate and seem contradictory, the viewer senses a complicity between mother and daughter, as if they share an unspoken, secret understanding.

  • 在这件作品里,邢丹文试图探索人与人之间的爱与权利的复杂性,以及“爱”的关系和角色。

  • 屏幕的一边是母亲沧桑的手,充满了爱意和关切,日复一日不停地编织;屏幕的另一边,女儿穿着这件毛衣裙,在奔走中,衣服被渐渐拆解。当女儿的身体慢慢地赤裸,一种解放了的感觉油然而生,同时意味着失去了保护,身体变得脆弱和易受伤害。即使被线束缚,对自由不可遏制的渴望驱使女儿奋勇前行。这两组行动看似各行其是、相互对立,观者却可以感受到母亲和女儿似乎是同谋,正在秘密分享着一个不言而喻的默契。

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