A Home of One’s Own

Installation with wool-woven carpet and house-wares

Through shadows casting onto the interior household elements, the installation depicts the home of one’s own. One’s life is immersively transmitted onto the carpet. Through this portrayal, the "loneliness" here may merely be sign of helplessness or a determined choice. The quiet shadow reflects a certain situation and acceptance, as being a single or having a home of one’s own is a way of living and reality for people who resides in the mega-cities.

这件装置通过室内的家居元素产生的影子钩画出 “一个人”的生活画面。故事透射到地毯上,使你身临其境。 形单影只,这里的 “孤独”也许是无奈,也许是一种选择。单身或一个人的家,对于今天的大城市里的人,是一种生活方式和现实,静静的影子预示着某种情境和接受。

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