I am A Woman

black-and-white photographs

This work was created in the mid-nineties and is closely related to personal growth. The generation born in the 60s, grew up parallel to the rapid changes of Chinese society. Being a woman herself, along the change of times and concepts, the artist was questioning: what is a woman? Or how is a woman valued? Through capturing the bodies as the medium, she explores multiple layers of female issues. The art critic and writer Gu Zheng regards this work as "one of the earliest images of nudity shot by a woman in Chinese photographic history. It boldly rejects that the female body has most often been represented under a male gaze".

这个系列摄影创作于九十年代中期,与个人成长紧密相关。文革一代人成长在祖国飞速的发展中,面对时代和观念的变迁,作为女性的艺术家本人,探求自己不可回避的问题:女人究竟是什么?作品通过以女性身体作为载体,探索女性问题的多重层面,被顾铮认为:“中国摄影史上最早的由女性拍摄的人体摄影作品之一, 断然拒绝了女性身体表现中的男性独霸的局面”。

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